That’s a fabulous question! Where can I get a backing track, simply! here. Just send us via email  a reference song in mp3 or youtube. We’ll listen and quote. Our music is created with real instrumentation and all the productions sound brilliant and brand new. Because we record instrument by instrument from scratch. At the end you will obtain a version that will sound much better than the original reference. The quality of our music will exceed your expectations. All songs are recorded with live instrumentation and no fade out.

We are a company that, for the past 15 years, has been doing the most professional playbacks for different singers. With an absolutely professional quality and a brilliant and detailed sound, we provide over 50.000 singers a year with the most beautiful backing tracks for them to sing. By acquiring our track you will receive a kind of quality that will be reflected on your shows, events, parties, live musicals or even on your CDs. People will be amazed by the quality of the sound and the music of our recording studio. Each one of our tracks is done with the highest digital and analogical technology out there. We evolve, day by day, at the same pace as our environment to give you a product that shines with the highest possible quality. Our recording technicians listen and mix the tracks in first-class audio monitors, using top brands such as Apple Macintosh, Newmann, Dynaudio, Avalon, among others. We also use several samples from digital instruments obtained by us in our studio. For all of this, now you know: when choosing a music track, you are not only selecting a song but a responsible group of professionals that has been working and evolving for years to give you just what you were looking for. We have 3 recording studios working all day and all night creating the songs you love the most, so you can download them from our site. Remember you can live chat with us, we'll always help you.

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