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Donwload the best backing tracks to your computer in a few steps.
The quality of our music will exceed your expectations.
All songs are recorded with live instrumentation and no fade out.
Enjoy the world's best backing tracks.

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When you download one of our Backing tracks you are not downloading an ordinary file but years of experience and musical knowledge. All of our programmers are professional musicians and they have all been trained by years of experience, which guarantees a unique product for your entire satistation. We work for the biggest music companies around the world. We also make music for films, theatres and we even make whole musicals. We are responsible for the music of over 27 plays all over the globe.
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Our company is involved in more than one service. If you want to make musical arrangements, jingles, original music of any type and custom backing tracks, don't hesitate to contact us.
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At we take very seriously our business, no hidden prices for our customers, all our music is created from scratch instrument by instrument to provide you with the best sound and the best music quality. All the songs are licenced by Sadaic. Our Custom Tracks are Created by CBT Recording.
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